Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Musical Beds

Nearly a fortnight has passed and I'm still not on Twitter and no closer to Facebook. But I have contacted a couple of builders to get quotes for our renovations! Which means my kitchen is one step closer. At this rate I will have a dishwasher by the time the girls leave home.

Speaking of my daughters, they've both decided that they really need to be in our bed every night at different times just to be that much closer to mum. Nice thought but I'm completely exhausted and need to visit my acupuncturist as I can hardly move my neck.

The girls share a room and even though the baby can't yet talk with proper words, I'm sure she and my four-year-old are in cahoots and have organised the night between them. I imagine their conversation goes something like this:

Four-year-old:      Ok, I'll go in about 11.30pm just when they've gone to sleep and say that I'm scared. Dad will let me sleep there for a bit until Mum gets cross and makes him take me back to my bed. Then that's your cue to start crying.

Baby                   Right. And I'll be really unsettled so that very time Mum thinks I have gone back to sleep, I'll start up again and she will eventually take me back to their bed because she can't be bothered sitting up all night doing controlled crying.

Four-year-old      Perfect! Then at about 3am, Mum will wake up and take you back to your cot and then just as she has gone back to sleep, say 4.30/5am, I will go in and say that I can't find Teddy. So she will have to come and help me find him. I'll ask her to stay in my bed, then we'll fall asleep and she'll wake up an hour later and go back to her bed.

Baby                   Yep, then I'll wake up at 5.30am ready to start the day.

Four-year-old     Great!

Baby                    Except won't Mum be really tired and extra cross and scream at us even more?

Four-year-old      Yeah but by dinner time, she'll be so worn down that when I ask if we can have dinner in front of TV, she won't have the strength to say no!

Baby                     Brilliant.

The other night at about 3am I told my husband crossly that we'd have to get a king size bed if this continues. I know we can't because we don't have the space plus I really do love our wrought iron bed, even if it's a mere queen size. And if we did give in and get a bigger bed, we would have absolutely no chance in ever getting them out of it. But at least I could get some sleep. I'll just have to look forward to that day, which will probably be when they've left home. Probably the same day the renovations are completed and the dishwasher is installed!

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