Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Hurray for NaNoWriMo!

October 31 has never been quite so significant.

Firstly my four and a half year old has discovered the spirit of Halloween in a big way. Which I find quite extraordinary as we have never early mentioned it, she hasn't yet started school and she doesn't have an older sibling to pass on the news. But it seems to be unavoidable these days so we have prepared a costume - this year she will be a ghost - and put up scary cobwebs and we are about to cook some spooky cupcakes.

Luckily for me, she has now planned her costumes for the next few years  - at least until she is 9yrs old. Next year she is going to be a vampire, the year after a fairy, then a princess, then a builder! (obviously doesn't like any of the builders who have come over lately to give quotes) and then finally a superhero. So I have plenty of time to prepare.

However luckily Halloween has fallen on the last day of October because tomorrow is November which now means only one thing:


check it out

On monday night I was interested but thought that it was absolutely impossible, no way could I do that, when would I write etc etc...

Then I was (quite easily) talked into it by author and experienced nanowrimo writer Lisa Heidke who said, "Think about it," and so I did and signed up immediately. It didn't take much persuading because in fact I think it's a great idea.

Well when I say great - it's scary, daunting and quite possibly incredibly frustrating and annoying.

Yet even if it gets 10,000 words out of me, then that will be a great month! Even if the house is dirty (nothing new there) and my family have to fend for themselves (also not unheard of).

And I have to say the thought of it has helped me through Halloween and its massive build-up so its timing is perfect - this year and those years to come!

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