Friday, 19 October 2012

Hello Twitter!

I have finally done it.

Last night when my husband was out at a work function, I opened up a Twitter account.

Not that it's a secret, I told him when he got home. It's just we're so backward when it comes to social media, I almost felt like I was embarking on another secret life!

I started following a couple of people I admire - I then emailed one, the very talented Lisa Heidke, just to let her know that I was following her on Twitter. (I could have tweeted her but one thing at a time)

But then she tweeted me!

So I tweeted back!!!

It took me approximately 3 hours to put a sentence together at a time when I should have been writing a magazine article due next week. It probably would have been quicker to write a letter and pop it in the post!

I know that half the world (not an exact statistic) has been tweeting for hundreds of years (again not exact), it's just all a bit new and exciting for me. But I have to say that although it's only day two, already I am in love! Again my husband knows and is fine with it.

So I'm on Twitter.

I have sent two tweets but now I need more fabulous and exciting things to say to my new twitter friends. I'm starting to feel the pressure of impressing a new group, being cool enough to hang out with - not too mention living with the guilt of tweeting when I should be writing to pay the mortgage.

I'm sure I'll get more efficient at it, let's just hope I find something to interesting to say!


  1. Hello, Miss!. Congratulations! Am wondering if that's quite right? Twitter is great - and excellent for finding out industry gossip straight away. (Sydney Confidential, I laugh in your face!) But, Suz, it's a time suck...a huge, ginormous time suck. Great that you have secured your twitter handle, but now you have to get on with writing your best-selling novel! Sure, it's 8.16 on a Saturday night and while everyone else in Sydney is out having a good time, I'm nagging you ... but see! That's commitment, love. Commitment!

  2. Yes I can already see how it can get in the way of literally (or rather chic-lit) greatness. Don't worry I will keep on track. Thanks for the followers and thanks for staying in and sparing the time on your Saturday night to give me a lecture and remind me of what really counts!