Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Little Steps

Number of items I washed up by hand today: 149

That feels like a lot but it doesn't include the usual amount of dishes used for cooking dinner as we had spag bol from the freezer. Plus my lovely husband washed up after dinner so I guess I got off pretty easy.

Still I will endeavour to get this number down hopefully without resorting to paper plates or simply having no food or water available at all. Plus I'm going to get some washing-up gloves to save my hands. I've tried to explain to people, my mother in particular, that washing-up gloves simply don't work for me and my lifestyle. But since the skin on my hands is starting to shed like some sort of alien I have no choice but to try again.

And while I was busy counting the dishes I had to wash today, my one year old daughter walked on her own for the very first time.

Suddenly all the dishes seemed worth it.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Has It Really Been A Year?

I planned to start this blog after the birth of my second child so I would have a record of her development. Lovely idea, just a tad optimistic. Especially as she turned one last week...

Well life has been busy. To say the least. Especially without a dishwasher...

My name is Susannah Hardy and I'm an actress, freelance writer and full time mum and I really want a dishwasher.

I've never cared about dishwashers. I've never owned one and never felt that I was missing out. But now with two children and very little time I wash hundreds of dishes a day and people eye my hands nervously as if I have some sort of skin condition.

We're about to renovate our house. We need a new kitchen and until that happens I have to wait. So for now I'm dreaming of a dishwasher and the day that I will have one.

Some people are turned on by fame, fortune or living in Paris (which I did and it was great) But now things like sleeping through the night without interruption, wearing clothes that are not covered in mashed banana and having the time to clean the house properly are my secret fantasies. And in particular a sexy stainless steel, integrated dishwasher.

In the meantime, I will write this blog to keep up my spirits and to share my many domestic dilemmas and delights when trying to raise kids, do auditions and meet writing deadlines -  let alone find a reliable and affordable builder, cook gourmet meals that all the family will eat and perhaps finally write  my book.

It looks like this year will be just as busy as the last.