Thursday, 27 September 2012

Coming Down

We are now back home from our holiday and are in desperate need of another holiday to get over it! The baby did get a fever and ended up with tonsillitis, which meant another trip to the doctor. I'm sure most people don't even know where the doctor is on Hamilton Island but for us he was fast becoming our local GP!

Needless to say there wasn't much sleep or relaxation after that and now we are back everyone seems to have completely forgotten how to go to sleep - the children that is, certainly not us. But we're all finding it hard to come down after our week away. My husband keeps saying, 'This time last week, we were...' [Insert either 'swimming in the pool', 'having a drink by the pool,' or 'in the buggy on the way to the pool.] In fact what he should probably put into that sentence is a choice of 'taking our daughter's temperature', 'giving our daughter panadol' or 'in the buggy on the way to the doctor's'.

Still holidays are important and I'm so glad we went - even if it means it has taken me an hour to settle the baby today for her sleep when she has gone down like a dream for the past year. And our four-year- old is so exhausted at the moment she has the attitude of a teenager - and usually in the middle of the night.

The baby has just started crying again and I am about to do a phone interview. This is not normal for her, she usually sleeps for three hours in the middle of the day. And I like order in my children - not chopping and changing around, especially when it comes to sleep.

Still we change things to suit us - like going on a holiday. The routine goes out the window, we don't worry about sleeps, balanced meals, bath times - even having baths at all! 'Its' good for them,' we say as we relax a little longer by the pool or go out for dinner a little later than we normally would eat. Then we go home at the end of the week and jump straight back into the normal everyday and expect out kids to comprehend and immediately adapt.

Not really fair probably. Ok, I'd better go pick up the baby. I guess this is not the week to start controlled crying.

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