Wednesday, 12 September 2012

A Big Day For Who?

Today was a big day for my four year old (and her parents!) as it was her first orientation session for kindergarten at big school, which she'll start next year. Things didn't get off to a good start especially when I told her that she couldn't wear her crown, she couldn't wear all the jewellery from her treasure box and she most certainly could not take her rhythmical gymnastic stick (a throwback from the recent Olympics and my own school days). So we had tears before we left the house. Once we got there things didn't improve as she refused to wear her name tag and wouldn't say hello to her teacher. I started to panic. I thought it would all go like clockwork. But just before we both got too emotional, we found the drawing table and her teacher wondered of she could possibly write her name on her sheet which is like asking Dora the Explorer if she speaks Spanish. I left her in Kindy Red a happy girl and my husband and I went off to the hall where everything was explained regarding the coming year.

I suddenly realised it was me who needed a bit of orientation. I felt like it was my first day at school and was looking around at the other parents wondering who might be my friend. Forget my daughter! Will I find any new friends?

And I hadn't given much thought to how I might feel when school finally starts. I always imagined I would probably drop her off with a skip in my step. But today when the 2012 kindies got up and sang a couple of songs as part of the morning's entertainment, the tears were welling my eyes - and my child wasn't even one of them! What am I going to be like come February?

After the information session was over, we collected out children and had a delicious morning tea. There was no need for any worry, my daughter had a great time and was very enthusiastic. I'm sure we'll get there. Everyone does. There are two more transition sessions coming up - unfortunately not for the parents, we are on our own from here on in. As long as I can get my daughter to leave half the contents of her bedroom at home, we'll be fine. Although she has already announced that she absolutely will not be wearing any school uniform! I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it...

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