Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A Kid Friendly Holiday (or so I thought)

This week we have gone to Hamilton Island for a much needed holiday. I know everyone is probably in need of a holiday but it has really been a while for us. We've taken little trips - central coast, Canberra, Melbourne - but the last time we took a plane somewhere warm was our honeymoon. And since then we've had a baby, bought a house, had three miscarriages, done a law degree (my husband, not me) and finally had a second baby (me, not my husband). We got in the taxi on Saturday morning and the driver needed directions to get to the airport and after exclaiming, "You don't know how to get to the airport!!!" (not that I was that shocked as I always find myself having to direct taxi drivers), I suddenly realised  that I didn't know how to get to the airport from our place either. Then we told him the wrong way and he had to do a U-turn and go back. Definitely time for a break.

So here we are. And it's great. Although holidaying with kids is unpredictable to say the least. Or rather predictable in its unpredictability. Everything I feared has happened. And not just not being able to get to the airport.

Firstly I was worried that someone would get a high temperature. Then I was worried that someone would fall down one of the many steps in the apartment where we are staying.

Day one, we were all so excited after arriving on the island that we made sandcastles, paddled in water and went to the pool way after everyone else had gone home for showers before heading out to dinner. And we forgot warm clothes to put on after. So my four year old went home nude on the buggy, wrapped only in a towel. Needless to say that night she got a fever, together with a nasty cough and a runny nose. Had to happen I guess.

Day three, in a split second when we weren't looking, the baby climbed up the one step between the open plan kitchen/dining area and lounge and fell back onto the floorboards. Which was fine. Except her nose started bleeding and after a bit of googling (which you should never do!) we went straight to the Hamilton Island medical centre. There a lovely, non judgemental doctor (we were feeling neglectful parents) examined her and luckily she seemed to be ok. We went home for a rest and bought her back for a review in the afternoon and she was fine. Thank goodness!

So that's it, no more. This morning I gave my daughters strict instructions that there was to be no more drama and my four year old immediatey got her hand caught under the lid of the buggy's boot. But a quick ice pack later and she was fine.

Now I realise that you can't be worried. Stuff happens - and always when you don't want it to. You just have to get on and try to have a good holiday.

So right now I am sitting with my laptop beside the pool, alone! My husband gave me the afternoon off. He's back at the apartment with the girls and I've had a swim, read my book and now doing some writing. I'd like to say I'm having a cocktail but I wouldn't be able to drive the buggy safely up the hill. So I've settled for a mineral water. But anything that can be enjoyed slowly rather than gulped down because someone needs something is a treat in itself.

Short lived! My husband just called to say the baby has woken up with a fever! Oh well, I'd better go...

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