Sunday, 3 February 2013

Well, my baby has started school today...

Except she's not a baby, she's five years old. And very ready. 

It was me who was in a state. I was so busy getting everyone else out the door, I was still in my pjs at 8.30am. No breakfast, un-ironed dress. Still I managed to get it together and we got to school on time. 

I wasn't planning on crying and I felt absolutely fine until the moment we had to say goodbye. I asked her teacher if we should go and she said quite firmly that we should.

"But I haven't showed her where the toilets are!"

The teacher said in a quiet calm voice that is obviously reserved for first time parents, that she would show them all where the toilets are and that there was also one in the classroom.

Of course the teacher would show them the toilets. She has obviously down all this before. What was I thinking! And she would explain when lunch would be. And what recess is. Everything I've forgotten to say. In fact she will be teaching my daughter all sorts of things from now.

So we said goodbye to our happy and excited daughter who was already busy colouring something in. A picture of a snail I think.

And yes, when we walked away, I had tears in my eyes. Of course I did. I never cried much before having children. Now I can't watch the news without having a weep. I saw the trailer for The Impossible with Naomi Watts and sobbed through the whole thing. 

We all went off to a cafe and after my first coffee of the day, I started to feel normal again. I was going to be ok.

So here I am. The toddler is asleep and I have time to blog. It's definitely a whole new world for all of us. 

I just have to remember to pick her up at 3.15pm!

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