Sunday, 10 February 2013

School is the Best!

Well we survived the first week of school and my daughter is still enthusiastic. As for me, about micro second after my initial tear, I adjusted to my new lifestyle like a duck to water. The school is a five-minute walk and my toddler sleeps three hours a day. Life doesn’t better than that!

People have often told me how quickly the school day flies by and before you know it, it’s time for the pick-up. But I’m finding it heavenly to have three hours to write. In a row. Everyday. Five days a week. As I say, life does not get much better.

However by Saturday, I was relieved that I didn’t have to get everyone out the door by 9am. Previously, it was not uncommon that I would still be in pajamas, watering the garden with a second cup of tea in hand. But last week, everyday I was dressed and out the door. In actual clothes. Even a bit of lippy. The effort is tiring me out and I’m sure my standards will slowly drop but for now I have to say I’m quite enjoying getting ready like a normal person that doesn’t either have two kids to look after or a thousand words to write.

Anyway on Saturday we decided to head to the beach. Which meant the equivalent of packing up for a three-day camping trip, crossing town in weekend traffic, finding a park about within at least a 30-minute walk from the water’s edge and manoeuvering the pram along narrow footpaths, dodging all the childless hipsters who either are too cool to acknowledge a pram or don’t really know what one is.

But we got there!

And it was beautiful. Worth all the pain that was to come from spending too long in the middle-of-the-day heat and missing the toddler’s day sleep.

Then we struggled back home and after I did the shopping, got a (much-needed) leg and upper lip wax, we went up to fabulous local cafĂ©/restaurant that has been full since it recently opened. And just so we could feel like we do occasionally get out and about after 5.30pm, we completely exhausted ourselves, and our children. So much so that we had to make a hasty exit after our meal before we were asked to leave for causing a disturbance.  

Sunday was swimming lessons and a birthday party and now…

Well quite frankly I’m exhausted. Thank goodness it’s Monday and it’s back to school. I understand why some parents can’t wait for the start of the week. I thought getting to school everyday was going to be hard - but after the weekend, school is the easy part.

Especially if I can just find a way to make pajamas fashionable attire for the school drop-off. And maybe the pick-up too!

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