Sunday, 18 August 2013

Being a Parent Never Ends - at least not for my parents...

I know I know I’ve been a very bad blogger. It’s been ages since my last blog but I’ve been lost in renovation land. Not the best place to be. One of never-ending tasks, questions, decisions, driving and waiting.

But it’s nearly over.

We’ve been living with my amazingly patient and tolerant parents during the renovations but now after 10 weeks, they’re pretty much over us. Hard to believe, I know. But not only have I been a bad blogger, it seems I've also been revisiting my selfish teenage years. Something about living back home. Parents aren't really supposed to 'get over' their children (especially when they're in their 40s) but here are a few possible reasons how that could happen...

  • I've cooked about three meals in 10 weeks and yet have enjoyed countless gourmet dinners.
  • Apart from one vacuum, I've done no cleaning and not really sure if I've changed our sheets or towels.
  • My two year-old drops food everywhere and uses the off-white sofa as a serviette after eating a vegiemite sandwich.
  • My children rarely sit and eat at the table and go a little crazy around 6pm just when my parents settle down for their pre-dinner drink and chat.
  • My parents wine supply is slowly diminishing because my husband and I have whole-heartedly embraced the pre-dinner drink and chat.
  • Not only are we living with my parents but my father has actually designed and built our kitchen plus the lounge room cabinetry - and yesterday they helped move all the furniture from one end of the house to the other so the floors could be done.
  • Friday night, they babysat our children and I think we’re going out next Saturday night as well…

Maybe we've imposed a little.

But as I said, it's nearly over.

But being a parent never really ends. It's not like you can call in sick and take the day off. I often dream of calling my kids up on the plastic toy mobile phone and say, 'Look sorry girls, I won't be coming in today, I'm just not up to it.'

But you can't. And my parents couldn't say no to letting us invade their calm and peaceful life for 10 weeks. 

But I will never renovate again. And I will never again ask them for another favour.  

Well maybe that’s a bit extreme but put it this way, I won't be asking for anything too soon.

Except maybe babysitting next Saturday night...

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