Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Farewell My Kitchen

It’s DAY TWO of our renovations and my old, impractical kitchen has gone. Hurray!

It is quite momentous but I can’t say I’m sorry with its funny little alcove, limited bench space and hideous grey, laminate cabinetry – most of which is falling apart.

However a dear friend did text me with some beautiful words, which mark the occasion much better than I ever could, especially since I’m actually jumping for joy:

“Goodbye Kitchen! I have enjoyed cups of tea, delicious baking and lovely chats there!”

It made me stop my celebratory dance for just a moment because it’s true. A kitchen  - no matter how old or ugly is the hub of the home. Where most of the action and heart felt communication takes place. Kitchens are wonderful, comforting, warm, (mostly) full of good smells and definitely full of lots of ‘lovely chats’. A lot has happened in that kitchen. My first daughter was only 18 months when we moved in and my second was a long way off.

But a moment is long enough to be sentimental about that awful kitchen. Probably too long.

Soon I will have a better kitchen. With new appliances and fresh crisp cabinetry – and thanks to the removal of several walls, there will be lots of natural light.

Surely such a kitchen will inspire many more chats and much better baking. 

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